Pktronics Group was born from the association of three companies: Triumpower, EuroCLS and Pktronics, while integrating its subsidiary, Hamectrol. This association reinforces our group’s role as a designer of customized electronic systems.

Our logo, created in 2009, symbolically represented the integration of companies within the same sphere. Our development strategy then required a new positioning, resolutely oriented towards the proposal of “electronic solutions”, which led to a new interpretation of our logo. It had to go beyond a simple association and become the symbol of the fusion of know-how.

Thus, our new logo reflects a state of mind in constant motion, in a uniform color that is blue green symbolizing optimism, the willingness to get involved, action and dynamism.
The pictogram used represents a dynamic spiral, composed of 4 emblematic elements of our 4 activities (Sensors, HiRel, IT and electronic components) and forming a coherent whole representative of the Pktronics group’s mission as a value-added integrator.

The font, modern, dynamic, as well as the pictogram, ensures a good readability to the logo. The use of bold reinforces the foundation of this logo, reflecting the stability and security of the company.