SENSONOR, new partner of PKTRONICS Group !

Formed in 2011, the PKTRONICS group provides innovative solutions in electronics and computing for harsh environments. Some of the companies integrated in the group have been in existence for more than 25 years and have unique experience in their respective fields. Today in full growth, the group is developing to offer products even more in line with the needs of its customers, and surrounds itself with reliable partners, such as Sensonor.

Sensonor, with more than 30 years of experience in MEMS technologies, develops and manufactures reliable sensor solutions for demanding military applications. Headquartered in Horten, south of Oslo, Norway, Sensonor designs and manufactures high-precision MEMS gyroscopes, accelerometers and IMUs (Inertial Measurement Units) for demanding applications. The company is focused on the defense and space markets with NON ITAR solutions used in a wide range of applications.

Sensonor has its own wafer production unit that supplies the main components for its sensors. Assembly, testing and calibration are handled in-house to ensure product performance. The close integration between manufacturing, testing and assembly of sensors enables the company to offer the best performing sensors on the market.

This partnership is thus in perfect adequacy with the philosophy of the PKTRONICS group which is to provide its customers with innovative products working in critical applications!

Welcome in France, Sensonor !

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