1 amp POL switching controllers in an economical design :

Highly cost-effective design

– Spindle compatible with LMxx linear controllers

– Operating Temperature : -40°C to +85°C

– Efficiency up to 92%.

– Wide input operating range 6-36 VDC

– Short circuit protection

– Excellent line / load regulation

– 3-year product warranty

The TSR 1E is a series of 1 amp switching controllers that replaces the inefficient 78xx linear controllers. This series is presented in a standard SIP-3 plastic housing and complements the existing TRACO POWER POL range with a series that focuses on economical design while maintaining quality standards.

The efficient design allows full load operation up to an ambient temperature of +60°C without the need for a heat sink or forced cooling. Other important features of the TSR 1E switching controllers compared to linear controllers are better output accuracy, lower standby current and the absence of external capacitors. The TSR 1E series offers a wide range of applications in many environments and is particularly suitable for high-volume projects where the series will help to reduce production costs by offering not only a very cost-effective but also a reliable solution.

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