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POWER SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY was created in 2001 and is specialized in energy conversion. POWER SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY has 3 groups of skills: electronic studies (custom products, development, testing, industrialization), manufacturing and subcontracting (electronic boards, prototyping, component purchasing), integration and wired cabling (cords, crimping, integration in boxes / drawers / cabinets). POWER SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY is located in France in 1700 m² premises, which brings together the 3 activities of the group.

The PKTRONICS group markets POWER SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY’s standard products and develops certain specific products such as CPCI and VPX power supplies together.


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Power System Technology

Produts range

POWER SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY offers standard and customs solutions for the aerospace, defense, transportation, industrial, test and measurement and medical fields. Below is a detailed description of POWER SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY’s product range:

  • AC/DC power supplies from 50 to 1500 W
  • DC/DC power supplies from 20 to 4000 W
  • Custom Products

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Avec notre partenaire International Rectifier et Infinéon, PKTRONICS propose une gamme complète de composants électroniques.

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