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ScandiNova is a spin-off from Scanditronix, a Swedish industrial manufacturer of particle gas pedal systems for a range of uses such as cancer treatment, industrial radiography and major research applications.

The PKTRONICS group is the company’s representative in France and also manages for SCANDINOVA the calls for tenders from organizations such as CNRS, CEA and CERN.

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Products range

candiNova offers high voltage pulse modulators to provide a complete turnkey RF station. The pulse modulation technology developed by ScandiNova is the technological basis used in all systems offered. Below is our product range:

  • Klystron-based RF systems (K-series): RF power 5 to 10 MW, pulse 0 to 450 kV.
  • Magnetron-based RF systems (M series): RF power from 1 to 5 MW, pulse from 20 to 75 kV.
  • Pulse generators (PG series): power from 5 to 30 kW, pulse from 20 to 50 kV

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Carte électronique
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Les régulateurs de tension et puces électroniques que nous fournissons sont destinés aux applications et domaines d’expertise des plus exigeants, comme le spatial et la défense.

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