Military batteries

The PKTRONICS group proposes, with its specialized partners, its range of batteries and energy solutions for military environments.

Batteries primaires

Primary batteries

We offer primary batteries that can meet your needs. Based on a variety of lithium-based chemical batteries, these non-rechargeable batteries provide excellent backup power and performance results over a wide range of operating temperatures. Non-rechargeable batteries offer long battery life.

Batterie rechargeable

Rechargeable batteries

We are working with various battery chemistries including Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion), Lithium-Polymer (LiPo) and Nickel-Metal-Hydride in the development of rechargeable military batteries.

These military rechargeable batteries offer excellent power and performance results over a wide range of operating temperatures.



We offer a wide range of battery charging systems to meet the requirements of your application, from standard single-position chargers to rugged, multi-position military chargers.

These chargers are designed for desktop use as well as tactical environments. We also offer a single portable charging solution using any portable power source, including primary and backup batteries, solar panels and fuel cells.

Energy pack

Battery Pack

We supply a wide range of power packs for various applications, from rugged tactical power packs based on standard batteries to heavy vehicle starting systems.

Power packs deliver exceptional power and performance in a wide range of operating environments. Power packs have a long service life.

batterie électronique

Electronic circuits for battery

Our supplier Epsilor manufactures high-end electronic circuits for batteries and chargers.

Products include charge indicators, battery control panels and monitoring and safety circuits.

Epsilor designs circuit boards to meet customer needs or manufactures circuit boards to customer specifications and design. We provide customized battery management and safety circuits based on application data or can integrate customer-designed management systems.

batterie standard otan

NATO’ standard batteries

The 6T rechargeable lithium battery range offers an advanced alternative to traditional NATO lead-acid batteries, while revolutionizing the capabilities and logistics of armored vehicles.

These “removable” replacement batteries triple the “silent standby” capabilities of new and existing armored vehicles, while increasing battery life from hundreds of charge cycles to thousands of cycles.