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PKTRONICS has supported the development of products and customized solutions based on electronics and computer products for a variety of aeronautical applications.

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We innovate to offer faster and lighter solutions, while respecting the new challenges of mobility.

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From the Hydra star finder to satellite launchers and observation systems, our HiRel component solutions are used in many space programs serving telecommunications, navigation, weather, exploration or planet security.

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The industrial market requires robust and economical solutions. PKTRONICS offers component solutions for oil drilling measurement systems, industrial data processing for control rooms, level sensors etc.

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Whether it be pleasure boats, or surveillance and security vessels, PKTRONICS develops with its customers reliable innovative products with a long service life.

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Defense and security

We develop customizable and stand-alone solutions for a variety of applications, such as guidance systems and infrastructure monitoring.

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Nuclear applications are in constant evolution, which is why PKTRONICS is on the lookout for products and technologies to contain and reduce potential risks.

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We take a display and electronics systems approach with functional architecture as a starting point, and work with you to create market differentiation.

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PKTRONICS IT solutions aim to make production more reliable and allow better traceability in the food industry such as bakeries or fast food restaurants.

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From the sensor used in an air conditioning, to the monitoring screen installed in the house, PKTRONICS accompanies its customers to carry out their projects in home automation, automotive, etc..

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PKTRONICS offers products for a wide variety of applications such as radiotherapy, scanning of goods, industrial X-rays, etc.

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