Quality commitment and certifications

Quality is our added value

Quality is at the heart of PKTRONICS’ activity and is one of the pillars of our organization. Our Group, which provides electronic and IT solutions for harsh environments, must imperatively provide its customers with a very high level of quality. To achieve this, we strive to continuously improve our quality system from the design to the manufacture and delivery. Our employees are committed to quality and are supported by process pilots and our quality manager.

Our quality policy is based on the following axes:

  • To provide our customers with products that meet their requirements.
  • Delivering our customers on time
  • Involve and obtain the adhesion of all staff and our suppliers in the quality process.


Our quality objectives

The management of the PKTRONICS group has defined 3-year quality objectives covering 2020 – 2021 – 2022. These objectives are described in the quality policy which is disseminated internally and externally.

Customer satisfaction :

  • Rate of service :
    • ASD: objective 95% – current (08/2020): 93,4%.                    ASD : Aerospace, Space and Defence.
    • Global: target 95% – current (08/2020): 96.3%.
  • Overall customer return rate (OQD) :
    • Target : < 2%.
    • Current (08/2020): 0.69% (6MMA)
  • Measuring customer satisfaction

Improvement of working conditions (employees) :

  • Attendance rate > 98%.
  • Employee turnover = 0

Company performance :

  • Margin, EBITDA and cash flow in line with industry averages.

Our process mapping

Quality is fundamental to our corporate culture. This is why we are constantly re-evaluating our processes and resources in order to obtain ever more innovative, reliable and competitive products. The critical industries and applications in which we operate require safety and reliability. It is therefore imperative for us to exceed our customers’ expectations for products and services, aiming for excellence in quality.

The French group PKTRONICS provides electronic and IT solutions for critical environments.

PKTRONICS’ customers are challenging, which is why we offer tailor-made solutions, following their specifications in addition to standard solutions.




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