From the sensor used in an air conditioning, to the monitoring screen installed in the house, PKTRONICS accompanies its customers to carry out their projects in home automation, automotive, etc..

An expertise in the consumer sector

In the consumer sector, innovation and financial resources for long-term development are the characteristics required in the choice of electronic and computer equipment. Batteries and converters, with their increasingly reduced volume, play a major role in improving the performance of today’s electrical appliances. From your coffee machine to your alarm system, our products ensure safety and durability in the use of your appliances.

Specificelectronic solutions

PKTRONICS Group brings specific solutions to players in the consumer sector, and offers ready-to-use or customizable solutions that will best meet their needs.

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IT solutions to support sales

Automated retail solutions, with integration of machine learning, computer vision and sentiment analysis, provide valuable data to improve the customer experience and can increase annual revenue growth by up to 10%. PKTRONICS provides robust computing devices to collect data, monitor and control retail operations. We offer embedded computers and IoG gateways, PC panels and HMIs as well as rugged mobile devices with integrated data capture capabilities.

Consumer-friendly solutions for the consumer

Consumers are looking for quality service. PKTRONICS provides rugged mobile devices with integrated barcode reader, RFID/NFC reader, MSR/smart card reader for point-of-sale and payment applications in retail stores, cafés and restaurants.

Electronics at the service of consumers

Electronic components and other sensors are constantly present in our everyday objects. Whether in your coffee machine, in your alarm systems, in your vehicle or in your household appliances, these electronic solutions accompany you in your daily life and are indispensable for the proper functioning of your electronic devices, which set the rhythm of your daily life.


At PKTRONICS, we attach a high importance to quality, which is why we offer customized solutions that meet your specific requirements in addition to standard solutions from partners who are experts in their field and with whom we have been working for more than 15 years for the most part.

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