We take a display and electronics systems approach with functional architecture as a starting point, and work with you to create market differentiation.

An expertise in healthcare

Our knowledge of the medical sector allows us to follow our customers throughout their projects and accompany them in the development of their specific products.

Specificelectronic solutions

For decades, PKTRONICS has been defining innovation and excellence in energy conversion and IT technologies in the medical field.

In this field, computer solutions and electronic components are designed to comply with standards and meet the demanding needs of such a sector of activity.

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Our electronic products set the standard for the medical industry

Our electronic products such as Power Mosfets, Voltage Regulators, IGBTs and other DC/DC converters have helped set the industry standard medical. Our innovative technologies and the support of our engineers are tailored to this particular area of expertise.

Electronic products that differentiate

We take an electronic system approach with functional architecture as our starting point, and work with you to create market differentiation.

The electronic products distributed by PKTRONICS in the medical domain make a difference in the designs of energy conversion systems in the health domain. We contribute to the design of the diagnostic, monitoring and care devices of the future.

Medical imaging is ubiquitous

The medical imaging industry is an energy-intensive industry. Our AC/DC power supplies and DC converters are present in many applications such as endoscopes, scanners and radiotherapy equipment. In addition, our solutions in medical computing allow us to propose supports adapted to the requirements related to this field, and to display information essential to the knowledge of healthcare professionals.

Electronics and computer science at the service of patients

Innovative technologies are revolutionizing monitoring and remote interventions on patients. Given the costs and infectious risks in hospitals, the treatment of patients at home is intensifying thanks to technological means of communication. Our partner brands enable us to offer electronic products useful for keeping patients at home with respirators and other equipment for treating chronic diseases.


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Healthcare brochure.

Discover the product brochure dedicated to medical applications.


At PKTRONICS, we attach a high importance to quality, which is why we offer customized solutions that meet your specific requirements in addition to standard solutions from partners who are experts in their field and with whom we have been working for more than 15 years for the most part.

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Panel PCs and medical displays from the medical computing range offer high technicality and performance, both in terms of power and speed. Our IT solutions are designed to cope with the conditions that can be encountered in the medical environment, namely the projection of liquids and drops of all kinds, or blows due to rapid transport.

In addition, caregivers need mobile devices that can be carried on them, with ergonomics designed to meet the constraints of the environment such as 24/7 service, long battery life, proper operation in elevators and basements, water and shock resistance, and daily disinfection. Each panel PC and each screen in our medical informatics range complies with the standards imposed by the medical sector. Our IT solutions meet the needs and requirements of increasingly modern and advanced medical practices, as well as the recommendations of healthcare professionals, who are best able to express the needs and necessities existing in the field. We attach great importance to the quality of our products, and are attentive to the application for which they are designed.

Thus, our information systems allow us to follow the patients’ constants and their evolutions in real time in order to respond quickly and efficiently to the constraints linked to the medical sector, but also allow doctors and nursing staff to receive information directly on their tablet, in real time and in an updated way. The medical IT solutions that we offer enable analysis, communication and study related to medical practice, more generally used in operating rooms, anesthesia, intensive care or radiology. It is a sector in which it is necessary to act quickly, and where information must be communicated in a clear and efficient way. Thus, information related to the health sector must be clear and precise, with impeccable information processing, in this sector where the slightest error can be fatal.

The medical IT solutions we offer have an essential place in the decisions of healthcare professionals, since they are a considerable support allowing them to have the information essential to the execution of their profession. The trend in healthcare applications is to obtain patient information in real time for rapid response. Cost reduction, online data available everywhere and reduced staff load are the main benefits of this solution.

With our range of medical informatics, doctors, clinicians, nurses and paramedics who care for patients can focus on helping them instead of working with documents and reports. In the hospital environment, performance, reliability and accuracy of image reproduction are imperative. From healthcare images to patient data, the hospital environment is a complex ecosystem that requires state-of-the-art technology to keep it running smoothly. Our health information systems require updates, which we can help you execute. Take a look at our range of medical informatics and contact our technical sales teams, who will support you in your most demanding projects.