The industrial market requires robust and economical solutions. PKTRONICS offers component solutions for oil drilling measurement systems, industrial data processing for control rooms, level sensors etc.

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An expertise in industry

The industry sector must take into account the constant changes in the different markets. Whether it is our IT solutions or our electronic components, our products are used for a variety of applications, both on plant production lines and in oil drilling systems.

Specific electronic solutions

The industrial market requires robust and economical solutions. PKTRONICS offers a wide range of computer and electronic solutions for the industrial sector. Our products are used in the most demanding sectors, and require flawless operation and high quality.

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Energy conversion for industry

PKTRONICS offers electronic products for energy conversion for industrial applications such as oil drilling, access control systems, mobile computing industrial, industrial automatisms, professional video surveillance and measurements instrumentations.

Qualified consultants in electronics and computer technology

Qualified, our electronics and IT consultants are able to understand what the key elements are for a specific application: volume, thermal performance, efficiency, reliability, robustness, quality and lifetime, in order to propose the most appropriate solution for your power conversion and IT needs.



At PKTRONICS, we attach a high importance to quality, which is why we offer customized solutions that meet your specific requirements in addition to standard solutions from partners who are experts in their field and with whom we have been working for more than 15 years for the most part.

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Calex has developed an ultra-wide and wide input voltage ratio set for DC-DC converters, in both standard brick-style and chassis-mount formats.