From the Hydra star finder to satellite launchers and observation systems, our HiRel component solutions are used in many space programs serving telecommunications, navigation, weather, exploration or planet security.

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An expertise in the space domain

The field of space requires components of the highest reliability. The products we offer our customers are designed to withstand the demanding environments of space or deep sea, where maintenance is almost impossible. They comply with the rules and constraints of the various standards in force.

The PKTRONICS group has more than 15 years of experience in this field and for many years has exclusively represented the HiRel divisions of prestigious brands such as INFINEON and INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER in France and Benelux.

Specific electronic solutions

Quality, reliability and experience are the essential parameters taken into account by PKTRONICS to market its electronic components intended for the spatial domain.

Demanding sector by its extreme environment and the impossibility of maintenance, the space domain requires robust and reliable solutions. PKTRONICS can, in collaboration with reputable partners such as International Rectifier and Infineon, develop and propose solutions meeting the particular needs of the spatial domain.

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Reliable electronic components suitable for extreme environments

In the spatial domain, maintenance operations are almost impossible. To mitigate this essential and obvious constraint, PKTRONICS selects only partners recognized for the quality and the reliability of their electronic components.

Renowned electronic component solutions

From satellite launchers to space exploration vehicles, our products are used in more than 2000 space programs. Leader in this field, our partners offer one of the widest range of power mosfet, DC-DC converters, custom power supply modules, solid state relays and radiation tolerant voltage regulators integrated in most space programs..

specific electronic solutions

Most converter assemblies consist of electronic components surface-mounted on a printed circuit board with or without a housing. Our suppliers combine quality and reliability and have unique expertise in the design, manufacture and assembly of thick film hybrid technology space qualified. Their skills enable the integration of hybrid design by minimizing material costs and miniaturizing volume.

Main missions equipped with our electronic products

ACE / ADEOS / Alphasat / Amazonas-2 / AMC-5R / Arabsat / ARTES 3-4 / ASCAT / Asiasat / Astrosat / AXAF / B2 / Beam Link / Bepi Colombo / Biros / Bsat-2a & Bsat-2c / C-130-J / CASSIOPE / Chandrayaan / Chinasat / Columbus / CRRES / Curiosity Mars Rover / DAWN / DirecTV Satellites / DRP / E3B / Earthlink / EB9B / EchoStar-16 / EnMap / Express Logistics Carrier / EOS / Eutelsat / FOG / FTINU / FUSE / GAIA / GALEX / Galileo / Geolite / GHP / GLAST / Globalstar-2 / GOES-R / Go-SAT / Global Precipitation Measurement / GPS / Grail / H2A 1st and 2nd Stage / Helios / HIFES / HIRDLES / Hispasat / HNS Jupiter / Hubble Space Telescope / Hylas-1 & Hylas-2 / ICO / Indostar / INSAT / Intelsat / IRS / ISS / James Webb Space Telescope / JASON / JEM (ISS) / Lisa Pathfinder / Living With A Star / LPE / Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter / LTA / Mars Surveyors / Mascot / MBXX (Commercial Launch Vehicle) / MDA / Measat / MEOSAR / MER / MESSENGER / Meteosat / Mini RF / MINU / MMS / MUOS / NEAR / NPOESS / N-STARc / Ocean Data Telemetry Microsat Link / Orbcomm / Orbital Express / Orbview / OST / PAN / PanAmSat-1 / Planet B & Planet C / Quickbird / QZSS / Radarsat / RBSP / RCM / RRGU / SAR-Lupe / SERVIS / Sirius / SIRTF / Skynet 5 / SmartSAT / Solar B / Solar Dynamics Observatory / SORCE / Spacebus / SSTING / Space Technology 8 / STAR GEO / Stardust / STEREO / TDRS / Telstar-11 / TET-1 / Terrestar / TIMED / Turksat / ViaSat / XM Satellite / YAHSAT



At PKTRONICS, we attach a high importance to quality, which is why we offer customized solutions that meet your specific requirements in addition to standard solutions from partners who are experts in their field and with whom we have been working for more than 15 years for the most part.