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PKTRONICS designs and offers solutions in Panel PC, embedded or mobile, ranging from the very compact industrial screen, to digital signage through monitors and other computer accessories. Our products of the IT range can be designed on demand to operate in difficult conditions, continuously and in extreme environments.

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Partner of its customers, PKTRONICS GROUP proceeds as an internal actor of your company and develops any IT project. Our design office, in liaison with the design offices of our manufacturers take into account all the aspects influencing the development and industrialization of your product.

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Today, industrial IT plays a considerable role in companies, particularly on production lines, and supports companies on a daily basis in their transition to the 4.0 industry. Intended for the harshest conditions of use, our industrial range offers very compact industrial PCs, using various types of processors for a wide scope such as food-processing and automotive.  Our industrial IT range is used to control, optimize, program, make decisions and manage production processes.

It can improve production and product quality, as well as reduce costs and improve safety. Industrial PCs are ideally suited as control units for industrial automation because of their flexibility and ability to withstand extreme environments. Industrial automation computers can be found in factories and oil rigs, as well as in transportation companies, utilities, and many other types of industries that require computers that are rugged and resistant enough to operate in harsh conditions. PKTRONICS offers high quality industrial computer systems and industrial electrical and computer solutions for organizations of all kinds. With several years of experience in the design and manufacture of embedded systems, we collaborate with the medical, space, industrial, naval, defense, aeronautics and food-processing sectors, and ensure quality industrial production monitoring. Our embedded PC solutions can provide you with ready-to-use platforms according to your specifications, giving you the necessary foundation for your current project. We can also assure you of the quality of our customized solutions that will meet your specific needs. Your team members can thus devote their time and energy to other relevant aspects of the business, allowing your organization to optimize its resources and workforce.

A tool in its own right :

Modern manufacturing cannot function without the influence of industrial computing, which underscores how much it has become an integral part of today’s era. Indeed, many engineers, industrial computer technicians and industrial computer scientists use such tools for computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing, as well as computer-aided production management. Industrial informatics is a major stake in the manufacturing process worldwide, relying on constant development and continuous improvement of its capabilities, enabling it to become an essential feature of the modern manufacturing shop floor.

An indispensable tool :

Today, few industrial companies operate without the use of computers within their organization. As a specialist in industrial computing, we market quality, reliable, configurable and ruggedized products. Industrial computing is also an indispensable tool in engineering. Indeed, a large number of industrial computer engineers use this type of tool to design and imagine projects. Thus, our products are solicited for the research and development of innovative solutions and products.

An adaptable tool :

Our products are designed to adapt to the majority of environments and sectors of activity, and to operate quickly and efficiently. They exist in different formats; from the waterproof ruggedized Panel PC to the rackmount version, from the Panel mount to the open frame. Our hardware can be configured with different touch panels according to your needs; resistive, capacitive, P-CAP, SAW, IR. Our Panel PCs are waterproof, up to IP69K, ruggedized and fanless. Equipped with an anti-corrosion coating, they are sunlight readable above 3000 cd/m². PKTRONICS markets a wide range of industrial embedded PCs, from compact PC Boxes to rackmount rackmount PCs. Our boxes are designed for harsh environments and are available with processors ranging from Atom to Xeon and Intel iCore processors. The fanless, rugged PKTRONICS PC Boxes are extremely reliable industrial PCs designed for speed and low power consumption.

A rugged tool : 

From automobile manufacturing plants to oil refineries, industrial computers are changing the way many industries operate. Our products are used in networks and telecommunications, and enable the transmission and display of information in a precise and targeted manner. Our industrial computers are sealed and waterproof, and are resistant to shock and vibration. We combine these features with fanless design and military-grade components to create powerful units that are perfect for use on oil rigs, manufacturing plants and factory floors. Our industrial range is designed to support and sustain the implementation of automated workstations, allowing for more flexible working conditions on assembly lines in particular.

Our teams, with the collaboration of your project managers, accompany you throughout the design of your products, which can evolve as the project progresses.

Find out a little more below about the form that our industrial IT solutions and our design and manufacturing services for embedded systems take in different industrial fields.


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