DC-DC converters

Whether they are in Din Rail format or for printed circuit board, DC-DC converters proposed by PKTRONICS are of high quality and meet the specific standards of the fields of expertise that we master perfectly.

Convertisseur DC/DC Rail-Din

DC/DC Din-Rail converters

With their robust design, these DIN RAIL DC-DC converters are intended for all types of applications. They have a wide input range and are available from 15 to 600W.

Convertisseur DC/DC brick

DC/DC brick converter

Our CALEX DC-DC brick converters allow the conversion of an input voltage to an output voltage, with regulation and galvanic isolation. The form factors are standardized: ¼ brick; ½ brick and brick. Power ranges from a few watts to 600 W. The power brick solutions allow all the advantages of modular architecture, they are “plug and play” solutions  allowing you to save design time and improving time to market. IF you use Vicor modules come and talk to us will find a better cost effective solution.

Convertisseur DC/DC rackable

Rackmount DC/DC converter

Our range of rackmount DC-DC converters can meet high power requirements. They are modular solutions that fit into 19” racks or chassis, adapted to industrial environments requiring compact and robust mechanical integration. Power ratings can reach several kilowatts.

Convertisseur DC/DC carte Europe

DC/DC converter Europe card

We offer a selection of integrated DC/DC converters in Euro-card format. This is a complete power supply unit with front panel (equipped with leds for signal control) and a heatsink. The Euro-card format is standardized. It is particularly recommended in industrial applications or for hard and severe environments.

Convertisseur DC/DC pour circuit imprimé

DC/DC converter for printed circuit board

Our DC/DC converters provide voltage conversion or galvanic isolation up to 5200VDC. With buck, boost, or buck-boost technology, these electronic products comply with the specific standard EN60601 in the medical field or EN50155 in the railway field.
In through-hole or SMD mounting from 1W to 160W, they have a wide input range as well as several output voltages. Their efficiency is up to 92%.

Convertisseur DC/DC non isolé

non-isolated POL DC/DC converter

The non-insulated Point Of load DC-DC converters allow to obtain high currents as close as possible to the load and very high efficiencies. They are available from 6 to 30A.