Power Mosfet

Our partners International Rectifier and Infineon have developed Mosfet power products. This is a specific type of metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor designed to handle relatively high power levels.

Mosfet Hermétique

Hermetic Mosfets

The standard hermetic power mosfet uses the well-mastered and robust technology of IR MOSFETs. These power electronic components are available in voltages from 20V to 1000V. In single or dual configuration, they are available in a wide variety of industry-standard packages including A-3, A-39, A-257AA, TO-254AA, TO-258AA, TO-259AA, CMS 0.5, SMD-1, SMD-2, MO-036AB and LCC-18. Screening is MIL-PRF-19500 JANTX and JANTXV standard and parts are also available on QPLs list.

Mosfet Rad Hard

Rad Hard Mosfets

Military and space applications present a unique challenge for today’s electronics system designers. Space electronics equipment must operate under extreme environmental conditions such as exposure to severe ionizing radiation, which requires the use of radiation-resistant electronic components. With its process for power Mosfet Rad-hard, International Rectifier has been meeting this challenge for over 25 years. Our partner has consistently exceeded engineers’ expectations from the introduction of the first power Mosfet Rad-hard in 1985 to its latest generation of electronic components.

Rad Hard Mosfet catalog.

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