AC/DC power supply

PKTRONICS has selected its partners for their expertise in energy conversion. We have been offering you for many years with among others TRACOPOWER a wide range of switching power supplies, particularly used in the fields of industry and transport.

Alimentation AC/DC châssis ouvert

AC/DC open chassis power supply

These power supplies have a very compact format, making them easy to integrate into your electronic equipment. They are manufactured by our partners in powers ranging from 20 to 500W and are designed for industrial applications.

Alimentation AC/DC Rail Din

AC/DC Rail-Din power supply

AC-DC Rail-Din power supplies are suitable for rugged industrial applications. They are ATEX compliant electronic solutions. They are available with power boost, UPS functions or redundancy. Their power ranges from 15 and 960W, in single-phase or three-phase input.

Alimentation AC/DC encapsulée

Encapsulated AC/DC power supply

These switching power supplies are very compact, protected by plastic encapsulation. Dedicated to medical or industrial applications, the power of the encapsulated switching power supplies ranges from 2 to 100W.

Alimentation AC/DC Euro cassette

AC/DC power supply Euro Cassette

They are used in the industrial, railway, marine and military fields. These rack-mountable power supplies have several functionalities: power sharing, hot swap, supervision and remote control.

Alimentation AC/DC encastrable

Built-in AC/DC power supply

With a power ranging from 5 to 25W and very compact, they are installed in Batibox® flush-mounted boxes. They are intended for residential and home automation uses, in particular for electronic access control and lighting equipment.

Alimentation AC/DC VPX

AC/DC power supply VPX

We develop AC-DC power supplies in VPX format compliant with OpenVPX and the new VITA standard. These electronic products exist in 3U and 6U format and are dedicated to advanced military and aeronautic applications as they have all the required certifications in these fields.


Alimentation AC/DC compact PCI

Compact PCI AC/DC power supply

Our Compact PCI (cPCI) AC-DC power supplies are available in 3U or 6U formats.
In their standard version, their functionalities allow modularity (power sharing), hot swap and a supervision system. They have power ratings from 200 to 600W. In the rigidified version, they are specially designed for military applications.


Alimentation AC/DC secourue

Backup AC/DC power supply

Backup AC-DC power supplies allow the uninterrupted operation of your electronic equipment. Intended for critical applications, in permanent availability, our range of power supplies extends from 180W to 600W.


Alimentation AC/DC médicale

Medical AC/DC power supply

Medical AC/DC power supplies require special and severe requirements, especially with regard to conducted noise, leakage current, residual ripple and low voltage standards. Our electronic products meet these constraints, while offering a reduced footprint. They are available from 30 to 300 W in compliance with IEC/EN 606001-1 3rd edition.


Alimentation AC/DC linéaire

Linear AC/DC power supply

These very low noise switching power supplies are ideal for applications requiring a low-pollution power source (electron microscope, audio applications, surgical lamps).


Alimentation AC/DC MIL COTS

Power supply MIL COTS

Our range of COTS power supplies is designed for applications requiring rigid power supplies with high efficiency performance, high shock and vibration resistance and long life. For a reasonable cost, these electronic solutions range from 300 Watts to 3000 Watts and we can offer up to 12 outputs.