Laser diode power supply

The emerging laser diode industry requires particularly high power supplies. PKTRONICS meets this demand by proposing a studied electronic equipment.

Alimentation diode laser

Laser diode power supply

PKTRONICS distributes laser diode power supplies designed for the high powers demanded by the emerging industry. The compact size of our electronic products is achieved by the integration of a low loss inverter operating with zero volt switching and the incorporation of planar magnetic components. Rise and fall times are strictly controlled to reduce high-voltage transients that could damage the laser diode.

Alimentation lampe xenon et mercure

Power supply for Xenon and Mercury lamp

Through its electronic partners, PKTRONICS offers the most complete selection of power supplies available. With models ranging from 150W to over 7kW, we supply lamp power supplies to meet the needs of all the major manufacturers in the world. These electronic products are equipped with active power factor correction (single-phase versions) or universal three-phase input for models 5kW and above. The switched-mode design reduces the size and improves the residual ripple characteristic to less than 0.5% on all models.