Industrial dynamic display

PKTRONICS offers a variety of digital signage designed to transmit information in shopping centers, points of sale, or tourist places. The dynamic, interactive and tactile displays allow a playful use and an ergonomic visual communication, allowing to transmit messages in an impactful way.

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Indoor totem poles

PKTRONICS’ indoor totem terminals can be perfectly integrated into the public or private environments of your choice, whether in shopping centers, stores, hotels or companies. Designed to withstand interior constraints such as aggressive cleaning or the risk of tipping over, indoor totem terminals are a communication tool in their own right, allowing you to convey an advertising message visually or provide information on safety instructions while at the same time communicating clear information.

Borne extérieure

Outdoor totem poles

Digital communication tools in their own right, the outdoor totem terminals integrate perfectly into your environment to guide and inform your interlocutor. Made to measure or customizable, the outdoor totem poles are the essential support for your dynamic outdoor communication with an exceptional display quality, a level of brightness, and this whatever the sunshine conditions.



The consoles allow dynamic display and broadcast photos, texts and videos continuously or programmed on a CF support or USB key. They are available in all sizes and mechanics and with various options such as motion detection or transflective panel.

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Digital signage, also called by many other terms (digital media, digital signage, digital signage or digital signage), corresponds to the transition from paper signage (advertising in the subway, cork billboards in schools or offices, etc.) to new digital signage and interaction technologies (screens, interactive kiosks and touch screens).

Digital signage is a powerful communication tool that allows you to drastically increase the visibility of your message, whether it is commercial, informative or signage. This display is a real communication and marketing asset.

Our digital signage solutions are diverse and varied. Digital signage is a digital communication tool that allows you to create, plan and broadcast messages and multimedia content, remotely and in real time, on a range of digital signage media.  These audiovisual solutions contribute to a good communication, whether within the same company or for an external audience. Within a company, this solution can meet a wide range of needs, such as, for example, the animation of a reception hall with an institutional communication. Large companies can share and broadcast content and information over numerous interfaces using digital signage. In addition, information can be synchronized from the servers, which means that it can be broadcast at the same time in different locations. This eliminates the need to travel to distribute flyers or to change paper displays to present a new display. Everything can be done over the Internet. This display mode is more and more used by companies for internal communication. This internal diffusion can be made by interactive terminals, screens or touch tables.

With the increasing use of digital solutions, this type of touch system based on interaction has become generalized in the daily life of the population. The simplest example for digital signage is the shopping mall which is a public place where communication is very important. Within this center we have different points of sale and some signs go through totems located in the shopping malls. These interactive totems are kiosks that broadcast their advertising. The kiosks can be recharged following an update through a digital signage software and sent through the cloud to broadcast in real time the different contents according to the customer’s needs. Thanks to the various sound and visual animations, digital signage can capture the attention of the target audience with much greater ease. If there is a queue in a store or in a commercial enterprise, the customer has the reflex to look at the images displayed on the screens.

All around us, digital signage is omnipresent whether it is with touch or name totems, large screens for better visibility. Dynamic displays are used instead of traditional systems such as posters, information panels and signage. The creation of digital content is quick and easy to do. Moreover, it does not require any particular qualification, just learn how to use the software. Also, prefabricated templates are already available to users. Thus, they can create original and well-ordered posters in only a few minutes and thus transmit the information quickly.

Outdoor digital signage offers the opportunity to extend your visibility outside your establishment. An excellent way to captivate and attract a large audience. In a few years, digital signage will be the main communication tool for companies. Indeed, technology is constantly evolving to improve its use and practicality. The display on paper will be only an accessory and the use of touch terminals will be the norm.


At PKTRONICS, we attach a high importance to quality, which is why we offer customized solutions that meet your specific requirements in addition to standard solutions from partners who are experts in their field and with whom we have been working for more than 15 years for the most part.

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