Military & avionics power systems

PKTRONICS Group offers power conversion modules and solutions for military and aerospace applications.

Military power systems

Designed for the extreme environmental and demanding electrical conditions of military applications, our products line includes :

  • EBM Expansion Battery Module
  • MPC Military Power Conditioners
  • MPS Military Power Supplies
  • MINV Military Power Inverter
  • MAC Military AC changers
  • UPS uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • MPPS Military Programmable Power Supplies
  • VPX Military Field-Grade Power Supplies
  • Configurable multi-output DC/DC

Fact Sheet MINV-4000
Fact Sheet MPS-4000
Modules et filtres de correction du facteur de puissance AC-DC avionique

Avionics power systems

Designed to be used as a COTS component in airborne applications, our poducts line includes :

  • Single-phase Power Factor Correction Modules
  • Single-phase AC line filters
  • 3-phase Power Factor Correction Modules
  • 3-phase AC line filter


Brochure AC/Dc militaire
SynQor Military AC/DC brochure