Custom Sensors

Our subsidiary Hamectrol develops tailor-made products in partnership with our customers for new solutions.

Capteur de niveau

Level Sensors

The level sensors we develop detect several positions according to the water level thanks to their magnetic float.



Thanks to its speed and endurance, the Reed bulb detects the number of revolutions of the anemometer, thus making it possible to calculate the wind speed.

Capteur pour alarme

Sensors for alarms

Non-contact sensors used in alarm systems detect the opening of doors and windows and trigger the alarm.

Capteur pour compteur à gaz

Sensors for gas meters

The sensor measures gas and water consumption in the meter, allowing information to be sent to customers.

Capteur pour chaudière

Sensor for boiler

The sensor is used as a safety system to measure the pressure and to trigger the alarm and signal a problem.


Custom magnets

In this particular case, our sensors detect when the grass bag is in the right position on the electric lawnmower. If it is not detected, the mower will not activate.

Ampoules reed

Soft reed switches

Our subsidiary Hamectrol cuts, shapes and bends the exit tabs according to the customer’s needs, in order to guarantee the hermeticity and sensitivity of the contact.

Faisceau de capteurs

Sensor beam

This custom-made cable harness is composed of 4 Hall effect sensors. Associated with Neodymium magnets, the system can accurately detect the movement of sliding parts in the passenger compartment of a high-end vehicle such as a “sports car”.