High voltage power supplies

Whether laboratory, high voltage or programmable, the power supplies and other power modulators selected by PKTRONICS are of very high precision. They contribute to the success of your technological projects.

Alimentation haute tension

High voltage power supplies

Our high-voltage power supplies cover voltages ranging from  around 1mv to 50KV . Mainly dedicated to research high voltage power supplies are  more precisely used in mass spectrometry, quadrupole systems, X-ray systems, spectroscopy as well as E-Beams / I-Beams guns. You will have the possibility to control the voltage or current of the high-voltage power supply via the available communication systems. On printed circuit boards, directly in the application or fixed in a 19″ Rack, several types of integrations are possible.

Alimentation programmable

Programmable High voltage power supply

Our catalog of programmable high voltage power supplies offers a wide range of power ratings. From a few Watts to several thousand Watts, our programmable power supplies are available in a multitude of voltage/current combinations. The technology, quality, precision and reliability of our electronic solutions allow us to meet all R&D, industrial and automatic test applications in sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, defense, energy and transportation.

Convertisseur DC/DC haute tension

High voltage DC/DC converter

Available from 1 to 200W, up to 50kvdc, high voltage DC-DC converters are used in scientific applications such as powering photomultipliers, mass spectrometers and scanning electron microscopy.

Alimentation de laboratoire

High voltage Laboratory power supply

The high voltage laboratory power supplies distributed by PKTRONICS benefit from a wide range of power from 500W to 10KW. They can operate over the entire voltage/current range. Our laboratory power supplies can be equipped with IEEE 488, USB, Ethernet, RS232 or other interfaces in order to facilitate their use. Like programmable power supplies, our laboratory power supplies have the technical qualities suitable for automotive, aerospace, defense, energy and transportation applications.

More information

Discover at PKTRONICS, the specialist in electronic power supplies, these high voltage power supplies allowing to answer most of the industrial and commercial applications.

Offering good protection against overloads, overvoltages and short circuits, these power supplies are highly appreciated for their compact design, high efficiency, miniature size, long life and especially for their power consumption of less than 0.5 W in no-load mode.

The universal AC input with a wide input range, the input overvoltage resistance of 300VA for 5 sec and the use of long-life 105°C electrolytic capacitors confirm the reliability of these products. These switched-mode power supplies have a low-profile metal housing and a screw-type terminal block.

Universal high-voltage power supply with ground insulation suitable for the use of electron beam tubes with integrated high-voltage resistant transformer for taking the heating voltage when using electron beam tubes. Continuously adjustable high voltage, contact-safe, with passive current limitation and analog digital voltage display.

The technologies, quality, precision and reliability of our electronic solutions enable us to meet the needs of all R&D, industrial and automatic testing applications in sectors such as automotive, aeronautics, defense, energy and transportation.