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HAMECTROL offers the widest and most innovative selection of fuses to serve almost every possible application.


Fuses and accessories

Facilitate the installation and replacement of fuses with our complete line of fuse blocks, fuse holders and fuse accessories for automotive, electronic and industrial applications.

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Discover the fuse selection guide.

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Fuse box

Fuse boxes are used to protect the electrical circuit of your vehicle. We offer a customized solution that can be filled with several series of more common fuses or specific to your needs or application.

Hamectrol, a 100% subsidiary of the PKTRONICS group, represents and markets the products of the LITTELFUSE company’s Fuses and Fuse Holders range.

The fuses are safety devices allowing to interrupt the current when its intensity is too high.  Industrial fuses protect people and low-voltage electrical circuits against overloads and short-circuits. High-speed fuses protect power semiconductors and DC circuits against overloads.

Most electrical and electronic equipment requires fuse protection. In many cases, they must be installed to comply with safety and performance standards before the end products can be sold or used.

Circuit protection devices interrupt power and divert power to the circuits.

surge transients . They increase safety and allow applications to withstand harsh electrical conditions.

Fuses should be selected to improve uptime, durability and reliability of end products.

Littelfuse is the world leader in circuit protection solutions.

It is the only company to offer the full range of protection components, with products that can be used in virtually anything that uses electrical energy.

We offer decades of design experience to help you address

the challenges of enforcement and achieving regulatory compliance. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive range of options so that you won’t have to compromise.

Disposable fuses are the most popular in the industry. Their current ratings can range from tens of milliamps to several thousand amps. The rated current is a basic parameter characterizing a fuse. However, for industrial installations, the rated voltage and the breaking capacity – i.e. the maximum current with which the fuse will activate and protect the circuit – must be taken into consideration. The value of these parameters depends largely on the size of the fuse. The most popular cylindrical industrial fuses measure 8x31mm, 10.3x38mm, 14x51mm and 22x58mm. In case of higher currents, NH fuses – with different shapes – are used.

When choosing the fuses, their response characteristics must be taken into consideration. They indicate the response speed as well as the assignment of the fuses. Fast and high-speed fuses will prove their worth in case of circuits which are very sensitive to excessive current. Time-delay fuses will protect installations exposed to instantaneous changes in currents or voltages.

An important part of the development of quality current protection is related to understanding the system requirements and the fundamentals of current protection devices.


Littelfuse offers a variety of industrial power fuses to serve countless applications. We provide an innovative selection to meet the needs of our customers.

The Littelfuse range allows easy installation and replacement of fuses with our complete line of fuse blocks, fuse holders and fuse accessories for automotive, electronic, industrial and solar panel installation applications.

Reliable and safe, these components can be used in traditional industry (motor protection, cables and equipment) as well as in power electronics (protection of inverters and variable speed drives).

Commercial vehicles represent an important application for Littelfuse products. Our technical expertise allows us to create customized OEM solutions especially for fuse boxes that combine technologies to reduce the cost of your system. Customized solutions and our offer for durable products help minimize vehicle downtime and increase end-customer productivity.

Traditionally, the fuse box is a carrier on which the fuses are centralized. Over time, its functions have evolved: as the number of electrical circuits has increased, its size has grown and printed circuit boards have been added to its internal part to accommodate more and more interconnections. It has also become the support for other electrical devices (relays, flashing power station, etc.).

Littelfuse products help to protect, control and distribute electrical energy for vehicles such as trucks, construction and agricultural machinery, special vehicles (handling, emergency…) for which there is no standard solution on the market. We offer a wide and reliable selection of fuses, fuse holders, fuse boxes, power distribution modules, high current switches (e.g. for battery disconnection), relays and solenoids to suit your needs. These components are available for 12 and 24V applications for currents up to 600A.

For decades, we have helped OEMs, engineers and end users choose the right product for their applications. Today, Littelfuse offers the widest range of products for protection, detection and control needs while providing the exceptional service and support our customers expect.