REED relays and switches

HAMECTROL offers a wide range of REED relays and switches. With a wealth of experience in the magnetic sensing solutions industry, our experts are committed to providing the best products and solutions for your specific needs.

Interrupteur à lame souple

Soft reed switches

HAMECTROL, a subsidiary of the PKTRONICS group, offers the largest choice of magnetic reed switches.  Reed switches are available in bare glass or in overmolded packages with a variety of mechanical, electrical and magnetic characteristics. Customization options, such as lead cutting and forming, are available.

Reed Switches selection guide.

Discover the Reed switch selection guide.

Relais Reed

Reed relays

A reed relay combines a reed switch with a coil in a single package to serve as a smaller and more power-efficient alternative to other types of relays.  These relays are well suited for use in automated test, safety, medical and process control equipment. Customization options are available.