Klystron, magnetron and couplers

In order to offer you Klystrons and power couplers with exceptional performances, PKTRONICS has selected the best electronic products from the leader in this field: Canon Electron Tubes & Devices.



In order to provide you with the most innovative Klystrons, PKTRONICS is the REP of  Canon Electron Tubes & Devices, a worldwide manufacturer in this field. Together with Japanese and international research institutes, Canon Electron Tubes & Devices has developed some of the most powerful klystrons in the world such as the 508 MHz/1.2 MW continuous wave tube, the 2.8 GHz/100 MW pulse wave tube, the 5.7 GHz/50 MW pulse wave tube and the 11.4GHz/50 MW pulse wave tube.

Electro-aimant de focalisation

Focusing electromagnet

We offer electromagnets to focus the electron beam emitted by the klystron.

Alimentation de la pompe à ions

Ion pump power supply

PKTRONICS is able to provide you with power supplies for the ion pump in a box or rack 19.



PKTRONICS is able to help you select the best electronic product for your application with the support of our engineers.