Medical displays

PKTRONICS medical displays allow the control of patient information and offer various possibilities (readability, quick start) for faster and more accurate diagnostics and clinical examinations.

Medical screens

The digitization of our healthcare institutions is a technological advance, a medical revolution. It plays a key role in the organization, tasks and management of priorities, while putting the patient back at the heart of our healthcare system. The goal is to have a more efficient, less expensive and, above all, more humane medicine. Our doctors deal with emergency situations on a daily basis and in real time, with information that is vital for the health of their patients, and it is essential to have fluid, high-performance, high-tech tools.

  • Examples of Applications

Ultra-sharp, reliable and faithful medical image reproduction is imperative in the operating room. A good viewing angle and excellent gray scale will help the radiologist to quickly make the right medical diagnosis. A surgeon will be able to precisely control his gestures thanks to the high-resolution medical displays, Full HD, UHD 4K and 3D LUT for color accuracy and rich and intense depth perception (DICOM Part 14 standard). The nurse will be able to perform rapid diagnoses on PDAs and tablets, lightweight mobility products that ensure rapid execution and online monitoring of the patient’s daily life.  Night staff will be able to see different patients at a glance thanks to the multi-image function, PIP (Picture in Picture), PBP (Picture by Picture) & POP (Picture Over Picture) and dual screen function. Our paramedics will be in direct contact with the emergency services. Tele expertise is now part of tomorrow’s world.

The hospital environment is complex, the Covid 19 episode is a sad example, we have seen that our medical staff can be quickly overwhelmed in emergency situations. Good tools and dedicated devices can enable hospital staff to devote more time to each patient and bring a human dimension to the support of their illness. PKTRONICS has selected the best partners for you.

  • Functions

Our medical monitors can be an information screen, a visualization screen or allow a pro activity between the device and the user via a resistive touch or PCAP (use of gloves). The Multi Touch function allows you to enlarge and move images with a simple intuitive finger touch. Our screens can also be equipped with a front sensor: to detect and adjust the screen brightness in all circumstances while promoting automatic detection and avoid contact, thus increasing hygiene.

Whether the screen is embarked in an ambulance, placed on a table, fixed on a trolley, in the hands of the nursing staff, or connected to the patient, it must be robust (scratch-resistant glass, MIL STD810 standard), bright, light, waterproof (IP65 front face, temperature variation), reliable and compliant with medical standards (IEC60601-1 3.1 Ed).

Responding to the most extreme applications while combining design and professionalism, PKTRONICS to your solution. Our units operate in natural convection, they do not have a fan and ensure maximum cleanliness. The take and Go (take and go) also requires an irreproachable cleanliness. The units can be equipped with anti-reflective protective glass and anti-bacterial housing to meet hygiene standards (see our section on shelves).

Here we wish to take up the challenge of a more modern, more efficient and more humane medicine. Simplify the daily gestures and meet the expectations of our caregivers: to have reliable, efficient, compact equipment and to allow a fluid and fast communication.