Large size industrial display

Our large industrial displays can meet the different needs of our customers and can be configured according to your requirements. Touchmonitors can have different technologies, such as capacitive or resistive touchscreens, and can have different sizes from 7 inches to 24 inches. Can be connected as needed, including VGA, DVI, HDMI, RCA-COMPOSITE.

The large display is very suitable for digital signage, signage, advertising or field communication applications. Our range of large displays offers reliable and powerful solutions, which can ensure you a perfect resistance to high-speed and/or harsh environments. Their applications are diverse, and range from navy ships to fast food kitchens.

In addition, the continuous improvement of industrial applications and the arrival of Industry 4.0 have led to ever-increasing demands for data display and monitoring. This is why, to accompany these evolutions, we invite you today to discover our large and robust display.

With the increase in the volume of data to be analyzed, the growing complexity of production tools, and the ever-increasing need for supervision, it is sometimes necessary, in certain configurations, to use large screens to display a maximum of information centrally. Moreover, with the introduction of operating systems that are fully compatible with the most advanced touch systems (Windows 10 for example), the idea of using touch panels instead of simple display screens becomes obvious.

In addition to being generously sized, our displays meet the IP65 protection standard for the front panel and IP40 for the rest of the case. They can withstand an operating temperature between -10°C and +60°C.

These characteristics meet many needs whether they are intended for industrial applications, control benches, kiosks or digital signage.

Our range of marine displays can be transflective, but can also be large. Some of our monitors are D.N.V. approved. (Det Norske Veritas). They represent the best solution for navigation, monitoring, surveillance, automation and other applications. These marine displays have passed the MIL-STD 810F certification against shock and vibration. Our range of displays is suitable for use in environments subject to special restrictions, namely the naval environment, as well as military and cruise ship requirements. Our monitors are adapted to specific constraints, such as splashes, dust, water and strong solar radiation. Most of our monitors are installed flush and the minimum protection level is IP65. They are very adapted to the navigation part. The screens have different performances in terms of consumption, water resistance, brightness and robustness; they can be placed outside the boat or inside. As for the very important functions of our marine protection net, they provide them with internal or external power supply.

For the internal power supply, the power supply is 230 V AC. Obviously, as the 12 V DC available on board requires different energy conversion stages, this type of shielding is not suitable. Shields with external power supplies are to be preferred because they are generally associated with 230 V AC 12 V DC converters, and as long as they are compatible, they can be powered directly from the automotive network by removing the converter box. Integrated voltage range 12V-14.4V. Otherwise, a stable 12 V power supply must be installed.

Our military displays that meet either MIL-STD or MIL-SPEC standards are designed to withstand the harshest environments, and each product requires strict inspection of both standards.  Like marine products, they can also be supplied to you in large formats. Our rugged mobile devices are durable and reduce total cost of ownership over time.

Like the ocean line, our displays can be customized to your specific needs. In military and defense environments, performance, reliability and accurate image reproduction are essential. PKTRONICS military grade monitors are designed for extremely harsh environments and harsh weather conditions. From contour maps to radar data, the military environment is a complex ecosystem that requires advanced technology to function properly and requires high quality computer networks. PKTRONICS is committed to serving France through its products and to providing quality solutions to the problems of field games.

Our series of medical monitors and Panel PCs offer medical expertise and monitor all medical parameters. With a maximum screen size of over 50 inches, our displays are designed to cope with the situations that can be encountered in the medical environment, namely the ejection of liquids and droplets. From the first aid of the patient to the exit of his body, it was even a blow due to the rapid transport. Every screen in our medical IT area complies with the standards set by the medical department. The information relating to the medical service must be clear and precise, and the processing of information in this service is irreproachable, or at least the error can be fatal. The medical monitor is a revolutionary display technology for medical applications, which allows users to view the best image details. This is especially useful in applications such as surgery and endoscopy, where the smallest details are critical and may not be visible in Full HD resolution.

Our medical displays are equipped with the most accurate technology and comply with Dicom Part 14, which sets strict guidelines for quality assurance testing and calibration of the grayscale display functions used on the monitor screen. Medical Imaging. The viewing angle of our medical display makes the information visible, and it can also be adjusted on the dual screen to provide greater comfort for better readability. Our monitor is also equipped with a front sensor that can detect and adjust the brightness of the screen in the short and long term. The system then facilitated the use of medical displays and ensured compliance with health standards in the medical field by promoting automatic detection rather than touch devices. Our medical imaging solutions include surgery and clinical presentations. Our medical displays can be installed in hospitals, in vehicles equipped with medical equipment, or for patients requiring daily monitoring by healthcare professionals. Therefore, we support the medical service in all these areas and help patients and caregivers to improve their daily lives.

Compared to traditional systems, our industrial displays and industrial PCs have many advantages. They are designed to withstand a variety of environments related to the food, automotive or railway industries. Our displays are designed to withstand cold, heat, dust, vibration, shock, liquids … depending on your needs (display shelf and chassis), For example, the display has a high temperature resistance, and even has an improved touch screen to withstand professional and intensive use at high temperatures. Some other versions have IP65 and high brightness certification. Therefore, the industrial displays can be widely used, even in direct sunlight (or in a very bright environment) can be clearly identified, and can withstand dust and water jets. They are very good control displays and can in fact be tactile, dynamic or even integrated. They are known to be flexible and modular, allowing you to combine them with your PC. Our displays can be panel mounted, open, closed or stainless steel IP65 (see IP67).

Finally, these high-performance displays have a wide range of professional connections to meet all your expectations. It’s not uncommon to find a display with a stand and place it on a desk or table, then be compatible with a VESA mount, or even hide it completely. Some of our industrial displays are designed for outdoor environments (such as oil rigs). Among other things, our displays are also exposed to wind, rain and hydrocarbons, they must reach the IP65 protection level and in this case must meet the ATEX standard.